Friday, 24 June 2011

Who's who in therapy?

In textiles group today we got talking about psychotherapy and previous therapists we'd had. I shouldn't laugh but some of the things they did in session..

1 - Fall asleep. Hmm.. We all thought our issues were quite complex so maybe that was a good sign??

2 - Yawning. Kind of makes you think you should go and get into a bit more trouble thus make it a bit more exciting for them. Hang on.. who's paying who?

3 - Preaching the good lord. I have absolutely no problem with belief, but repeatedly being told  "God loves you and he will save you" was not what I signed up for, I was expecting a bit of time management.

4 - Role reversal. When they end up telling you THEIR problems instead. I once had one who said she was convinced her husband was seeing someone else. Looking back I should have said "God loves you and he will save you"

5 - Text therapy. One therapist actually suggested this as a substitute for face to face therapy.

Feel free to "comment" adding any experiences to the list. 

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