Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Uncovered Magazine Blog Review

Well my seesaw-seatingplan blog has been given a rave review! It's in the current issue of "Uncovered" magazine - a glossy best selling mental health mag sold in the UK, USA and Australia. The mag itself is a really good read - it's a feel good and also an eye-opener - and it's had some decent press itself. I'm trying to get into journalism (I did a stint at Bizarre magazine - a very controversial magazine, more eye stapler than eye opener) and so I sent an email to the editor, Charlotte Fanelli, who stumbled across the blog (I didn't think people actually clicked on signature links, they just look pretty).

Here's some of the things they printed..

"Within minutes of clicking I was hooked! This witty charming and bluntly honest description of a persons struggle with bipolar disorder is a breath of fresh air. If the book is as good as the blog we are sure it will be very well received."

It's in issue four, page 105, and still on the shelves. 

The mag -
The blog -