Monday, 28 February 2011

Gary Molloy

Gary Molloy is a portrait artist and poet. Having never put paint to canvas before he joined Core Arts, he has since had numerous exhibitions, press and publications. His publications include his poetry.

Gary's painting have been exhibited in the Turbine hall at the Tate Modern, Finnborough Theatre in Chelsea and the Hay festival in Wales to mention just a few.

His book The Storm Before The Calm can be purchased directly from his blog 

or Amazon

His NEW book Akathesia is coming out soon so watch this space!

London Afrobeat v Core Arts

9pm - First song..

9.06pm - Second song..

..because we can't seem to keep ourselves off the stage. Many of us started at Core Arts with very little confidence and a hidden talent and have come a long way - writing, recording and producing our own stuff, and, playing live. There were, as usual, no rules on stage, if we wanted to sing, rap or even recite our Things To Do list over the mic then that’s what we did. Even non-members were free to climb aboard the stage and pick up a mic.
With free entry, a cheap as chips licensed bar, quality acts and bands either formed at Core Arts or booked by our events manager, exhibitions and Dj’s playing a variety of stuff some of which is written and recorded by us - such as The Sirens’ My Violet Heart - our gigs are getting busier and the vibier (is that such a word? You’ll come across that a lot during this blog, there’s nothing like the Oxford Dictionary to break your concentration).
The dancing was in full swing, new friends were made, old friends caught up and art work was bought - Rudolf Linden’s exhibition is still on until end of Feb - so all in all a good night and a sore head in the morning. (They really need to out those bar prices up!)